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Fibre and Wireless Access

Enabling Solutions can provide both fibre and wireless access solutions for clients around South Africa. Fibre connectivity is based on a feasibility that will need to be carried out prior to quoting. We have an extensive wireless coverage in both licensed and unlicensed bands.

Internet Services

Uncapped and unshaped internet. Enabling Solutions delivers an unparalleled Internet experience providing high speed access via fibre or wireless.

Domain Hosting

Enabling Solutions provides domain registration and domain hosting services for our clients.

Voice Services

Enabling Solutions will provide bundled voice services of our Cloud Voice platform. Our Cloud voice
platform caters for consumer as well as business clients. Our voice solution is scalable, provides great
quality calls and is compatible with the modern age of technology. With our number porting service
you get to keep yourgeographic-based number (011, 012, etc.).

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