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To be the preferred technology partner
of choice, innovatively transforming
technology into business advantage
and competitive solutions.

Business Values

Integrity, Honesty
Customer Focus, Professionalism
Service Par Excellence
Dedication & Commitment.


To be the leading system integration service
provider by providing world class, innovative
information technology services
and solutions to our clients.

Company Overview

Enabling Solutions was established over a decade ago with a focus on providing our clients with cutting edge solutions for business improvement, competitiveness and efficiencies. We have achieved this through strategic partnerships and skilled personnel, enabling us to grow from strength to strength.

During the last decade we have built long, value-based relationships with our clients and have strategically partnered with them through the various phases and growth of their businesses. Our track record of providing innovative, cost effective and value-based solutions has contributed to Enabling Solutions being a significant brand in ICT sector. This is primarily due to the dedicated efforts of a highly skilled and experienced team of IT Professionals, technicians, marketing and sales professionals who have both local and international experience in the ICT sector.

Working with both public and private sector organisations shaped by not just a client – business relationship but rather a strategic business – client relationship. Our philosophy of having a strategic business relationship with our clients has allowed Enabling Solutions to be seen by the market as a value based partner who can be trusted, assured of providing high quality service and be accepted as a partner of integrity.

Enabling Solutions Business Verticals

Enabling Solutions is a systems integration company with a national footprint. We are a dynamic company that keeps abreast with the latest Information Technology developments both locally and globally. We understand that our clients may operate locally but require globally innovative solutions to give them the competitive advantage.





Public Sector

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