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Enabling Solutions provides secure, scalable and on-demand UC on tap for your business. This means you can grow your business to reach new markets without worrying about the cost of deploying physical infrastructure, maintaining and supporting the infrastructure. Our CIRCLS carrier-grade, redundant infrastructure combined with our team of experts is available to you to help setup your infrastructure, clarify your billing queries and even troubleshoot your connectivity issues.

On Premise PBX

For clients not comfortable with moving the UC to the cloud we are able to deploy the same functionality as our Cloud PBX on the client’s premises.

Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Companies need to collaborate and communicate across different locations and time zones. Users need to be able to join and host meetings, switch between voice, video, web and content sharing, in person and online, easily and without the help of IT. Enabling Solutions can provide video conferencing solutions for all sizes of rooms as well as integration into Microsoft Teams/Skype.

Mobile Unified Communication

The requirements of an increasingly mobile workforce can be met through the Enabling Solutions CIRCLS – Mobile Unified Communications (MUC) application which extends UC applications across both mobile and fixed devices providing the same powerful Unified Communications services delivered to an application on your mobile smartphone or tablet. Because all these services can be delivered to a Desktop or IP Phone anywhere there is broadband access, your office can be setup any time in any location you desire allowing you to work from the road, home, or from an emergency location over wired or wireless broadband.

Mobile Office

Our CIRCLS platform provides all the unified communications services required to keep mobile workers connected to their office systems. No matter where the user is they are able to connect over any broadband connection and do internal extension dialling, call forwarding and receive calls even if sent to their fixed line extension.

Hosted VC

Our carrier grade video-conferencing hosting infrastructure provides our clients with an easy to use collaboration service delivered from the cloud that spans traditional endpoints, software clients and mobile devices. These rooms provide connectivity to all standards-based video conferencing systems as well as inter-operability with Skype for Business and WebRTC clients.

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